Graffity + Revelation!!

Graffity + Revelation!!

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Bombing, making lines, tagging, placing stickers, making pieces, drawing characters … Tournaments, Records, Awards and Recognition …

There are so many exciting things to experience in the Graffiti world! First and foremost you begin by identifying a cause (a problem you want to do something about). Secondly you move to forming your crew (a team with purpose). Each member of the crew gets a unique tag (like Shabak and Shekinah). Next you can start creating your own unique ABC lines. (coming soon @ The GOJC) The whole crew would then begin practicing a piece together. (oh yes!) With constant excitement and unity, everyone gets to express themselves with a lot of style… wow! Graffiti is a great art and it means to us more than just random painting on the wall!

Here @ TheGOJC we delight in meaningful, respectful and unique art. That is why we combine Graffiti and Revelation together!

Have you seen our predominant designs?

These three have a deep meaning that will be revealed soon …


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