What does “GOJC” stand for??

What does “GOJC” stand for??

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So far have you wondered what “The GOJC” stand for?


The GOJC stands for:

The Graffilation Of Jesus Christ

Say what?

… What does the word “Graffilation” mean?


The word Graffilation is a combination of two words:

Graffiti and Revelation

Graffi + lation = Graffilation!

Just about everyone in the world knows what Graffiti is
but… Revelation?  What is Revelation??

Very interesting…

Revelation is a deep understanding in your spirit about the divine ways of God. Unlike belief, revelation is a knowledge of truth not obtained by faith only but obtained by His Spirit directly from Him, He is The Revealer!

– Shabak!

This site was build for you, to bring you
The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Graffiti form!

We are all about The Graffilation Of Jesus Christ,
This may give you another question…

What is The Graffilation of Jesus Christ?

… Oh! That will be revealed soon!!

While then you can check out the Media!

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